Many people have asked us, “Why Zavala?”

The original ship ZAVALA was the first Steamship of War in the Western Hemisphere and served the second navy of the Republic of Texas back in 1839.  Her original name was the CHARLESTON and had been in service taking passengers when she was bought and refitted for war.  She was renamed after the first Vice President of the Republic of Texas, Lorenzo De Zavala who had died in 1836.

We felt that a ship that had always brought her crew home and faithfully served her nation despite all odds and being tied to the Galveston area would be a great ship to honor. 

The Starship USS ZAVALA has a current crew of around 40 members in South East Texas.  We are a part of  the venerable international fanclub, STARFLEET INTERNATIONAL and are a member of  Region 3.  We meet around the 3rd Sunday of every month somewhere in the Clear Lake area, either at Coffee Oasis in Seabrook, or at various member’s houses for get togethers, movies and appearances.

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