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  • SITREP1 USS Lone Star, OPORD 3BDE-2380-002

    Stardate 57199.65 (October 19, 2380) Unit: 318th MSG, The Providers/ SFSO ADU-001 Black Legion Present Location: Attached to the USS Lone Star , in the Lappa System. Activity: Diplomacy/ Attempt Destruction of the Borg, while remaining undetected. Effective: 100% combat ready Operations: In accordance with Task order 3BDE-2380-0021, Strike Group Providers will provide medivac capabilities to the civilian population, while the Black Legion will attempt to take down the Borg Hive on Lappa IV while remaining undetected Situation: Intel/Recon: Based on the Zavala’s sensor scans, further passive scans performed and Zavala’s data confirmed. Logistics/Communications: One Darkhorse transport Ship, Two Valor Medivac Shuttles will land on Lappa IV and assist the civilian population, while the Black Legion infiltrates the Borg Hive.

    “Lappa System in thirty seconds, Mark.” The Helm officer said, glancing over his shoulder.

    “Very well,” Captain Praet said, “Stand by on Impulse Engines.”

    “Aye, Captain. Disengaging Slipstream. Reversion to normal space.” The helm officer stated as the slipstream collapsed, dropping the Lone Star into the Lappa System. . “Detection level?” Praet inquired.

    The Operations officer looked down, “Null detection, we have a clean insertion.”

    “Good,” the Captain nodded, “I want a passive sensor scan. See if we can verify the Zavala’s sensor scans.”

    “I’ll let you know what I find.” Obadan promised as he unmasked the passive sensors.

    The Lone Star had been designed by Star Fleet Special Operations as a Tactical reconnaissance cruiser. The slipstream allowed them to sneak into an operations area and gather intelligence.

    Captain Praet waited patiently, reading her padd, until Obadan was finished. “The Zavala’s data is confirmed. There is Borg activity in the system. We are receiving multiplexing beacon transmissions from the space port.” He reported.

    “Damn,” Praet whispered. *They aren’t Federation members, but they are non-aligned allies.* She had always hated diplomacy, and it was one of the reasons that she had requested a transfer from Galaxy Exploration to Tactical Fleet when the Lone Star was built. She sighed and tapped her fingers on the armrest of her chair, “Helm, take us into orbit around Lappa IV. Mister Obadan, see if you can get the local nagus online.”

    “Course plotted, Captain. Lappa IV in eighteen minutes.” The helm officer replied.

    Praet knew that Obadan wouldn’t respond until he had someone online. With a glance down, she pushed a button on the armrest. “Bridge to CIC, Major Kincaide, Commander Kreig.” When both answered, “Get your teams ready. We’ll use the Darkhorse and both Valors. Your mission orders have been downloaded to your padds. Our ETA is sixteen minutes.”


    “Acknowledged,” Kincaide replied, then turned to find Kreig looking over his orders.

    “You get a nice clean drop mission,” Kreig commented, “We get to blow up Borg.”

    Kincaide grunted as he thumbed through his orders. “You’re right, a nice easy medivac drop.”

    Kreig showed Kincaide his orders. “When the darkhorse goes in to land, I want to kick out my teams here.” He pointed to a spot about a half-mile from the end of a runway.

    The Marine looked at the spot and nodded. “No problem.”


    Shuttle bay two held the solitary Darkhorse transport and the three recon teams. Each member had a FE7500 MIPPA Combat Armor Suit, one M-45 Phaser Pistol, a bio damper, a force recon tricorder, and a either a M-116a2 phaser rifle, or a rifle/grenade launcher combination.

    There was very little talking, as each had studied their orders and were now preparing for battle. Their mission was typical spec-ops, infiltrate the enemy; in this case, the Borg, disable the enemy; in this case, by uploading a virus, and get out without being noticed. The last part was imperative, because the Old Lady would be in diplomatic talks with the local planetary council.

    As each persons name was called, he walked up the ramp and took his place in the cargohold of the Darkhorse.