302nd Marine Strike Group

LTC Triola: Report for August 2014


  1. On 1 August attended monthly Steampunk Gathering in order to give a proper send-off to CAPT Angela Hardy to her new posting in Seattle, WA.  Continuing to add Steampunk events to the Facebook page “Houston Steampunk Events”.


  1. On 2 August attended a screening of “Guardians of the Galaxy”.  Two thumbs up. Parental advisories for sci-fi violence including mass destruction, death of a parent, mild profanity, and violent death.  Great swashbuckling space opera that rockets along from beginning to end with engaging heroes and villains and some unexpected heroes at the end.  Fairly well written and leaves enough unanswered questions for a sequel.  Chris Pratt is superb as Peter Quill aka Star Lord and Zoe Saldana as Gamora as are all the others.  Bradley Cooper’s Rocket Racoon is a bit over the top but understandably so in service of the plot and the CGI racoon and his tree-like companion Groot are fairly realistic.  You will want to see it more than once AND buy the DVD but if you’re my age, you’ll want the soundtrack album even more.


  1. On 8, 9, and 10 August attended HoustonCon and helped man the USS Zavala’s Starfleet fangroup table along with fellow marines BGN Muench and MAJ Gilfillan.  Our Adopt-A-Tribble scheme brought in a large amount of money for the Houston Area Parkinsons Society in addition to what was raised during the Region 3 Summit and putting us well above our goal.  Attended 2 viewings of “Prelude to Axanar”, a documentary-style featurette created as a fundraising tool for “Star Trek: Axanar” the full-length feature film.  Due to technical hold-ups, the Friday night screening was delayed and the cast panel began while we were waiting for the A/V tech to finish setting up.  From the cast comments it seemed as if the featurette was only a series of interviews with the characters in the feature, but the actual footage was astoundingly well done and included scenes in space including combat between Federation and Klingon ships.  Alec Peters as the producer was funny but Alec Peters as Garth of Izar was pitch perfect as a strategist and soldier in a war against a ruthless, pitiless enemy.  Richard Hatch as Kharn embodies that pitiless, ruthless quality.  Tony Todd, J.G. Hertzler, and Kate Vernon bring their characters, war-weary Starfleet commanders, vividly to life.  A second viewing on Saturday only confirmed my opinion that the featurette is brilliant and that the feature film will be fantastic.  On Friday I wore my casual SFMC outfit, crew t-shirt and OD jump pants, and on Saturday, my full uniform.  On Saturday, I purchased a full-body 3-D scan in full uniform from Twindom.com to mark my 55th birthday.  On Saturday attended the panels on Klingon culture by our friends on the IKV logh veng and the IKV Melota of the Klingon Assault Group in Texas, both of which were great.  On Sunday wore new Jedi tunic with kilt and took several pictures with kids and other cosplayers, and lent out my lightsaber for others.  Attended the very well-led Lightsaber Choreography class put on by Space City Sabers along with other members of the Star Wars and Jedi Enthusiasts of Houston.  LTC Harrington and 2LT Kemp were also in attendance at the Con, enjoying some much-needed R&R.


  1. On 13 August attended Steaks and ‘Sabers Night at the Ashford Arms Pub for a spirited and frank  discussion of the pros and cons of the HoustonCon with the Con’s staff members.


  1. On 17 August attended USS Zavala monthly Crew Muster.  Other marines in attendance included BGN Muench, MAJ Gilfillan, and 2LT Kemp.


  1. On 23 August attended “Good Day to Dine” event hosted by the IKV logh veng at the King’s Biergarten in Pearland, TX.  Brought double skull plastic shotglasses for the crews and skull face plastic mugs for both Captains.as party favors.  Enjoyed an evening of good food and comraderie with the Klingons and with my fellow crewmates.


  1. On 24 August attended Doctor Who watch party at crew member Mark Hayes’ lovely home.  Thoroughly enjoyed the first episode of the new Doctor Who season featuring Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor.  Two thumbs up.


  1. On 26 August sent out an e-mail with the MSR for June / July 2014 along with sample artwork for the 302nd MSG unit logo and VFMA-302 squadron roundels for comments and suggestions from the unit membership.


  1. On 29 August attended Star Wars and Jedi Enthusiasts meetup at Yard House restaurant at CityCentre Houston.  Following dinner and discussion, we retired to the plaza outside the Yard House where the Space City Sabers put on a demonstration of their mad lightsaber-handlling skills showing off their custom or handmade lightsabers and a light whip.  Lent out custom lightsaber for inspection by and photos by interested passersby and discussed the ins and outs of different types of lightsaber and where

they can be purchased.

For more information contact LTC Max Triola at marine@usszavala.org