The Captain’s Chair

Good Morning Crew,

Comicpalooza was a great success for us and we must have handed out around 200 fliers and as many cards.  I have since printed out another 100 cards and will soon have as many fliers for ApolloCon coming up on the 22nd.  I want people to remember we will be having a party room at ApolloCon and some of the food will be provided by Space City Con.  That one will be happening in August.  Thank you everyone who participated and helped out at the table.  Thank you especially to Ensign John Gilfillan  who was there and in uniform most the weekend.  Ensign Gilfillan also shows up for just about everything in uniform, including movies, out at NASA in the heat when the Shuttle Mock-up came in and just about everywhere when the rest of us wuss out.  lol  Special cudo’s to you Ensign Gilfillan!

Over and out…