April 22, 2012 Meeting Minutes

USS ZAVALA meeting minutes for 4/22/2012

1) Call to order/Roll call
In attendance:
CO Capt. Penelope McFadin
XO Rufus Barr (skype)
Acting Chief of Ops LTCR James Kent
Chief of Security MCPT Max Triola
Chief of Communications LT Mark Hayes
Counselor LTJG Deborah Kent
John Gilfillan (visiting)
Erin Weinstock (visiting skype)

2) Introductions of any new members, visitors, and/or VIPs
Introduced Erin Weinstock and John Gilfillan as guests.  John mentioned that he wants to pay his dues today.
3) Vote of acceptance/rejection of previous meeting minutes
Reviewed previous meeting minutes (March) and made minor edits.  Approved by unanimous vote.  Reviewed November minutes and revisions made by XO and CO and all changes were approved by unanimous vote.
4) Presentation of promotions and/or awards
Mentioned that MCPT Max Triola was awarded by Region 3 the Cross of Valor!  Relieved Ian Bowen of duty by unanimous vote.  Voted in James Kent as Chief of Ops by unanimous vote.
5) Reports of Senior Officers
CO CAPT McFadin has a room at ApolloCon and has been communicating with the Spiritwolf about Comicpaloosa.
XO CMDR Rufus Barr gave a short report about the SFI Chaplain service.
LTCR James Kent about  ConJour is on hiatus until 2014. Reported on Comicpaloosa rumors.   More in notes
MCPT Max Triola reported on his progress on getting a Fan table at Comicpaloosa and Space City Con and ApolloCon room party.  Reported about our movie night plans he’s setting up for Avengers in May.
6) Reports of Junior Officers
Cadet 2nd Class Brigit Kent reported about her school volunteering activities.  Full report in notes, see below.
LTJG Deborah Kent gave her report.  Full report in notes, see below.
LT Mark Hayes has reserved a room at ApolloCon.
7) STARFLEET International business, news, or votes
IC in Memphis, TX, IC 2013 in Dallas, TX. nothing else currently to report aside from awards.
8) Region 3 business, news, or votes
9) USS Zavala business, news, or votes
Max announced he had sent in his OCC! Yea!
10) Unfinished  business
11) New business
Still no word on Comicpalooza rules or how many passes we may get.  Things are a bit cloudy from Space City Con as well.  Several members have voiced they want to attend the next ApolloCon meeting.
Capt. asked ship about their feelings on the whole Steampunk theme.  Ship for the most part seems to like it.  We discussed doing more LARPs in the future.  Decided against doing a LARP at Comicpalooza for several reasons.  MCPT Max Triola is going to inquire about convention rules and passes.
Several members of the ship are going to run games and help with the gaming room at ApolloCon.  We are planning to have a room party.  So far three of us have rooms now at ApolloCon.
Ship discussed new venues for volunteer projects.  Officers will be reporting their ideas next month.
12) Announcement of next meeting
The next Crew Muster will be at Comicpalooza at our fan table, time to be announced.
13) Adjournment
Meeting adjourned for Pizza Dinner at Moma Mia’s at 16

Written reports:

Councillor LTJG Deborah Kent
From the Desk of Cyran Yyvelas, Ship’s Councilor, Bjoran Civilian Contractor:
School has been keeping me very busy so I have done what I can.
I have been giving out free tutoring at the local UU church on Wednesday nites. Kids can either come in and get help with subjects they are working on in school or just finish up homework. I have made out some graphic organizers to help them out with writing assignments.
I have written USS ArchAngel in Round Rock for some ideas to help us get the cadets more involved.
I discussed with Commander Barr at the Crew Muster about possibly taking the cadets to the Museum of Natural Science. I would like some feedback from the other parents on this.

From Cadet 2nd Class Bridgit Kent
Report from the Desk of Bridgit Kent:
The club I belong to at school went to my old elementary school and volunteered to help out with spring fling. I helped out at the different fun booths for the kids and I gave out fruit and things for people to eat while they were doing a run to help raise money for cancer.