August 2012 MSR

REPORT FOR : Aug, 2012
DATE SUBMITTED : 09/01/2012
SUBMITTED BY : CAPT Penelope McFadin
LAST MEETING DATE : 08/01/2012


Max Triola :

SFMC Awards
Commandant’s Campaign Award 08/04/2012 Awarded


Commandant’s Campaign Award 08/04/2012 Awarded

Amanda Barr :

SFA Awards
Blue Squad Member 08/04/2012 Awarded


SCC: 69351 Rebecca Palmer PROMOTED TO Ensign on 08/26/2012


Meeting minutes and notes from 8/23/2012
1) Call to order/Roll call
Laura Gilfillan – Anthropologist
Ensign John Gilfillan – Ops
Cadet Heather Gilfillan – cadet stuff
LT. Mark Hayes – whatever needs to be done.
Maj. Max Triola – OIC of the 302nd MSG
Capt. Penelope McFadin
2) Introductions of any new members, visitors, and/or VIPs
Fleet Captain James Muench from the USS Da Vinci visited.

3) Vote of acceptance/rejection of previous meeting minutes
Accepted meeting minutes – yea!
4) Presentation of promotions and/or awards
Rebecca Palmer is promoted to Ensign but can’t make the meeting today.
5) Reports of Senior Officers – All senior officers can’t make it due to an assorted set of reasons. 2nd Officer LTCR James Kent ‘s dad is in the Hospital, However, he has reported that we need to collect our money for the Battleship Texas tour a couple of weeks before the tour. CMDR Rufus Barr is having car issues. LTCR Alan Steinberg cant make it.
6) Reports of Junior Officers
Report by Ensign John Gilfillan- We need to know by the 13th for the Monument Inn how many people for our dinner.

7) STARFLEET International business, news, or votes.

8) Region 3 business, news, or votes
The 3rd Brigade is starting RP and we are looking for people to participate. Looks like Capt. McFadin will do most the writing, with Rufus and Max on the team. Others may participate. Will be posting the adventures online on the website.
9) USS Zavala business, news, or votes – The Commissioning party is on th 15th of September. Trying hard to promote it where we can.
Space City Con was a lot of fun, we handed out a lot of fliers and cards. We had in attendance at the convention: Capt. Penelope McFadin, Cmdr Rufus Barr, Capt. Angela Phillips Hardy, Ensign John Gilifillan, Laura Gilifillan, Heather Gilifillan, Lt. Patrick Hankamer, Lt. Mark Hayes, Maj Max Triola., Ensign Ian Bowen.
The LARP didn’t make, not enough players showed due to confusion in the schedule. Need more signs and more interest brought in by a sign in sheet perhaps in one of the gaming rooms. We will hold this episode at Owlcon instead. (A much better organized convention with online sign ups.) This time we have it already written up which is the most of the work.
In other notes, we made contact with the IKA at Space City Con. We’ve put a link to their page from our website.

10) Old business
The Battleship Texas fund raiser..We haven’t heard back from Jeremia Cross. We think he’s been swamped with work and family stuff. At least that’s what his last letter said last month. We may be passing the hat around at the Commissioning party since we will be there.
11) New business. Max is going to look into more movie nights. James has volunteered to work on the newsletter with Rebecca Palmer.

12) Announcement of next meeting. Mark Hayes’s House, 3505 D.H. Watkins, Deer Park, TX
13) Adjournment Mark Hayes’ house 3505 D.H. Watkins to watch movies and eat pizza.