Welcome to the USS ZAVALA, awarded Shuttle of the Year in 2011! Member of Starfleet International Region 3 serving South East Texas

Welcome to the USS ZAVALA, awarded Shuttle of the Year in 2011! Member of Starfleet International Region 3 serving South East Texas

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January 2012 MSR

CHAPTER : USS Zavala REPORT FOR : Jan, 2012
SUBMITTER : CAPT Penelope McFadin SUBMITTED : 01/31/2012

CO : CAPT Penelope McFadin CLASS : Legendary


Ian Bowen
IOAS – Andorian Orientation College
AOC 301 – Andorian Project DISTINCTION 01/09/2012

IOTA – College of Communications (IOTA:COC)
COC 101 – Interspecies Interaction HONORS 01/02/2012
COC 102 – Abbreviations and Acronyms DISTINCTION 01/04/2012

Alan Steinberg
IOLS – Officer’s Command College (IOLS:OCC)
OCC HONORS 01/04/2012

SFMC Awards
Prentares Awarded 01/29/2012

Max Triola
Professional Development
PD-11 DISTINCTION 01/06/2012
PD-15 HONORS 01/22/2012
PD-13 DISTINCTION 01/22/2012
PD-14 DISTINCTION 01/22/2012
PD-16 DISTINCTION 01/27/2012
PD-17 HONORS 01/27/2012

SU-20 PASS 01/02/2012

Amanda Barr
IOCS – Cadet Vulcan Academy of Science (CVAS)
CVAS 103 – Plants 6 – 9 Year Olds HONORS 01/28/2012
CVAS 100 – Logic Exam (6-9 year olds) PASS 01/28/2012




Meeting called to order at 1200 at Coffee Oasis in Seabrook, TX Attending in person: Capt. Penelope McFadin Ltcr James Kent Angela Hardy Attending via Skype: Cmdr Rufus Barr Lt Deborah Kent Ltcr Ian Bowen Marcelo Gallardo Received reports on how everyone’s OCC’s are coming along. LTJG Deborah Kent is re-taking hers, LCDR James Kent is almost finished, LCDR Ian Bowen is about a 3rd through. LCDR Alan Steinberg has completed his. Good work Alan! -Captain’s note, for shame on everyone who’s not finished. I do understand that you are up to your elbows in Conjour, lets get to it and I want everyone done by our next Muster. Received Award Recommendations from the Crew. Good work everyone! Rufus and I are going to get to work on these. Received reports on preparations for Conjour and what our roles will be. We are going to participate in at least 2 panels on Friday and Saturday as well as have the 10-forward party on Saturday afternoon. We also have table space. :) We need stuff for the table. Lt. Deborah Kent has the schedule. Reported on Owlcon and the Steampunk LARP progress. I hope to see some of you there as helpers. We are sponsoring the LARP and we want to look good. :) Angela has offered to help with Prize Support. We discussed going to Summit and Ian reported on his progress on the Joint Summit committee. We are planning on organizing gaming at Summit this year. Summit is in March and we have reserved a room at the hotel. Get with the captain if you need crash space in the room. Meeting adjourned at 1400.

This meeting worked out well getting people together who wouldn’t have ordinary have made it. Thanks for participating. Just a note, we are hoping to have a new venue next month in Houston. The possible location has been suggested to be Dirk’s coffee on Shepard. Meetings are usually the third Sunday, actual date to be announced. MCPT Triola is scouting it out.
To follow up on the ConJour mission:
In attendence:
CO Captain Penelope McFadin
XO Commander Rufus Barr
LCDR Alan Steinberg
MCPT Max Triola
LT Mark Hayes
LCDR James Kent
LTJG Deborah Kent
CAPT Angela Philips Hardy
We listed in the program as guests and we had a table in the main Atrium. Myself and LCDR Steinberg were listed for panels on costuming and fan groups in the convention schedule. The 10-Forward room was a lot of fun but we had light attendance at the convention on the whole and that coupled with a few scheduling problems, the panels had almost no attendance. However, we did make a lot of contacts and handed out a lot of fliers and cards. On Saturday, we had most of us in uniform and we made a lot of contacts that way alone. We finally met up with a new member that just hasn’t made any of the past couple of meetings. Marcello Gallardo and his daughter Ana. She’s a real sweetie. :)
Angela had her own table for her artwork at the convention next door to our club table, Deborah and James Kent were busy being Con Chairs running the convention.

As for the testing. Alan finished his first. I am not sure if Ian is going to finish his, he’s been having problems. Deborah and James Kent are still working on theirs. Deborah has to restart because she lost the thumbdrive she had it on. They were co-chairs for ConJour so I’m giving them all an extension to February. Marcello Gallardo is about to start working on them. I don’t think Max yet realizes just how important they are and I don’t think Mark has started yet. I don’t want to demote people, but dang. We are currently working on a lot of award ideas, I’ll be submitting them probably after Owlcon this weekend. We are doing a few things at Owlcon having to do with the Steampunk LARP. I’ll post all that in the next report.
As I may have mentioned at the CCO meeting, we are thinking of sponsoring a new ship in Argentina. Marcello Gallardo has a friend down there who’s a newspaper editor and a huge Trekkie. His friend has money so I don’t think they will need financial help to do this. However, they will need a lot of coaching on how to do this sort of thing. I’ll let you know when I find out more. We decided to add pay for two memberships for a couple of really loyal friends who have been with us for a long time by haven’t had the money to join. Angela Philips Hardy and Sandy Koenig. I’ve known Angela since my early Firebird days. Sandy I’ve known a few years from the Space City Time Lords. I think they will be great additions to the ship.
We just got word back from Comicpaloosa and they would be happy to have us volunteer. I had asked them over the weekend through their contact page if they would let us have a fan table. Looks like we are going. :)
Oh… and I’m still toying with the idea of a different hotel for that Zone 3 summit bid in 2014. We’ve got time to work things out.
That’s it for the Zavala this month,
Capt. P.L. McFadin out.


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    October  2014
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    • Legendary Times Publication date
      Starts: .000000 CDT
      Ends: 11410.02 - .000000 CDT
      Description: The publication date for the Legendary Times. It will be posted on the website in pdf format. Hard copies provided on request for printing and mailing costs.
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    • Contraflow
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    • Contraflow
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      Location: New Orleans Airport Hilton 901 Airline Highway Kenner, LA 70062 Telephone: 504-469-5000
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    • Texas Renaissance Festival
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    • Texas Renaissance Festival
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    • Artemis Training and Game Day
      Starts: .140000 CDT
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      Location: Gerard's One Stop Gaming Shop, El Dorado Boulevard, Houston, TX, United States
      Description: This will be held at Gerards One Stop Gaming Shop in Webster, TX
      They have Artemis 2.0 loaded up on their servers, but they don't allow us to hook up our own computers. Computer gaming at Gerards on Sundays no longer free but still half price on Sundays, you just need to create an account.
      Bring money for food.
    Events on 11410.18
    • Texas Renaissance Festival
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    • Wayne Killough's birthday
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    • Texas Renaissance Festival
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    • USS Zavala Crew muster
      Starts: .140000 CDT
      Ends: 11410.19 - .180000 CDT
      Location: Cafe Express, 1422 W Gray St, Houston, TX 77019, United States
      Description: This is our standard monthly meeting for the USS ZAVALA.

      This will be held at Cafe Express on West Grey in Houston.

      If you need any help with logging in to the teamspeak server, let me or James know now so we can help you log in.

      Set the Server name to "comms.usszavala.org" and the password to "ncc100101". Set whatever you want for a name to be your user name.

      Download Teamspeak3 from http://www.teamspeak3.com, It's free!

      Meeting Agenda
      1) Call to order/Roll call
      2) Introductions of any new members, visitors, and/or VIPs
      3) Vote of acceptance/rejection of previous meeting minutes
      4) Presentation of promotions and/or awards
      5) Reports of Senior Officers
      6) Reports of Junior Officers
      7) STARFLEET International business, news, or votes
      8) Region 3 business, news, or votes
      9) USS Zavala business, news, or votes
      10) Old business
      11) New business
      12) Announcement of next meeting
      13) Adjournment
    Events on 11410.24
    • USS ZAVALA Dept Reports Due
      Starts: .000000 CDT
      Ends: 11410.25 - .000000 CDT
      Location: Email them to me at capt.mcfadin@usszavala.org or post them as a doc on the facebook page.
      Description: Department reports due before the monthly meeting.
    Events on 11410.25
    • Texas Renaissance Festival
      Starts: .000000 CDT
      Ends: 11410.27 - .000000 CDT
    • Extra Life Game Day
      Starts: .080000 CDT
      Ends: 11410.26 - .080000 CDT
      Location: Gerard's One Stop Gaming Shop - Gerards Gaming, 349 El Dorado Blvd, Houston, TX, United States
      Description: Come Join Team Starship USS Zavala NCC-100101 this year at our annual Extra Life Game Day!

      Sponsor our gamers at Team Zavala at http://www.extra-life.org/

      We are Team Zavala on http://www.extra-life.org/ and our chosen Charity this year is Texas Children's Hospital.

      Come join us at Gerards One Stop Gaming Shop on El Dorado, Webster, TX this year for a full 24 hours of Gaming. Get online and sponsor one of us or set up yourself as a participant and start helping us build our team. We need all hands on deck!
    Events on 11410.26
    • Texas Renaissance Festival
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