July 2012 MSR

REPORT FOR : Jul, 2012
DATE SUBMITTED : 08/01/2012
SUBMITTED BY : CAPT Penelope McFadin
LAST MEETING DATE : 07/22/2012

Amanda Barr :

IOCS – Cadet Vulcan Academy of Science (CVAS)
CVAS 104 – Paleontology 6 – 9 Year Olds 07/27/2012 DISTINCTION

Rebecca Palmer :

IOLS – Officer’s Training School (IOLS:OTS)
OTS 07/22/2012 PASS


SCC: 67845 Max Triola PROMOTED TO Major on 07/22/2012

We will be making a couple more promotions next month.


Meeting notes for July 22, 2012 USS ZAVALA and MSR for July, 2012.

Called to order at 1430
Roll Call in attendance:
Capt. McFadin
James Kent
Deborah Kent
Bridgit Kent
John Gilfillan
Mark Hayes
Rebbecca Palmer

Introduced Rebbecca Palmer, new member.

Voted to accept previous meeting minutes – all ayes.

James and Deborah Kent awarded the Yellow Rose for volunteering to run games.
John Gilifilan awarded New Member of the Quarter for his unwavering devotion to the club.
Max Triola Officer of the Quarter and promoted to Major.
Alan Steinberg awarded Member of the Quarter for running the ApolloCon trivia contest and other events.
Patrick Hankhamer awarded Yellow Rose for his work on props.
Angela Hardy – Personal Achievement Award for working hard on promoting her and her husband’s game.

Reports from Ops – On the Year anniversary party, Ensign Gilfillan has checked out various places and we have decided on the The Battleship Texas. Rates are: The Battleship Texas, group rate. $6 per person. Monument Inn, $20 per person. Asking $30 per person to pay for the whole group for food and tour of the battleship. Date September 15, 2012.

Joseph Cross was a no show. I’ve emailed him but as of yet not heard back.

Rebecca Palmer has volunteered to help out with the newsletter.

Deborah Kent is running Redshirts at Space City Con.
James and Bridgit are coming to Space City Con.

We’ve gotten a room at the convention and a few members are pitching in for it.

Ship will be sponsoring the Steampunk Texas LARP at Space City Con. Saturday afternoon. Myself and Angela Hardy are doing most the writing and organizing.

Next meeting August 26, 2012 at Skirmish Games.

Meeting adjourned for pizza at Momma Mia’s across the street at 1630. 🙂

Just found out we can have a meet and greet with Nichelle Nichols at Space City Con. 🙂 I’ve been contacting other ships to see if they are coming down as well. I have to be discrete about it since it’s not on the official schedule.


Officer Reports this month:

Alan Steinberg and Brandon Boucher represented the USS Zavala at Edwards Houston Marq’e theater for part of the Star Trek TNG 25th anniversary celebration. They attended the Fathom Events screening of Star Trek TNG on the big screen on July 23rd. They met with fans before and after the screening to talk about costumes and pose for pictures.

MAJ Max Triola – Chief of Security and Marine report

STARFLEET Marine Corps
Unit Report Form 0807MSGT

Date and time submitted: 30 July 2012 1920 hrs

Brigade: 3rd Bde
Battalion: 2nd Bn
Unit: 302nd MSG, USS Zavala
Reporting month: June 2012 / July 2012

Reporting officer: Triola, Max MCPT
E-mail: triolamj@hal-pc.org

Type: Marine Strike Group
Branch: Combined Arms
Nickname: The Horse Marines
Motto: “Come And Take It!”

Unit OIC (name and rank): Triola, Max MCPT
Unit OIC e-mail: triolamj@hal-pc.org
Unit OIC Phone: 713-728-8612
Private Phone: 713-728-8612

Unit DOIC (name and rank): Position Vacant
Unit DOIC e-mail:
Unit DOIC Phone:
Private Phone:

NCC Number: NCC-100101
Name: USS Zavala
CO: McFadin, Penelope CAPT

Unit strength (active/reserve): 1 Active / 2 Reserve
Unit roster:
Name: Triola, Max
Rank: MCPT
SCC Number: 67845
Active/Reserve: Active
Expiration Date: 03/07/2013

Name: Barr, Rufus
Rank: LCOL
SCC Number: 67849
Active/Reserve: Reserve
Expiration Date: 03/08/2013

Name: Steinberg, Alan
Rank: MAJ
SCC Number: 66905
Active/Reserve: Reserve
Expiration Date: 04/19/2013

Changes to roster:

Awards issued:


Awards requested:

Unit activities:

MCPT Triola:
1. On 29 May attended advanced screening of “Snow White & The Huntsman”, a Lord of the Rings style take on the Snow White fairy tale. Fantastic special effects, effective acting, breathtaking scenery, and a fresh take on an old story though with an overwrought and unnecessarily ambiguous ending. One thumbs up.
2. On 3 June attended Shuttlebration with fellow crew members as space shuttle mock-up was transported via barge and then special trailer to the Johnson Space Center / Space Center Houston complex. Attended festival / exhibition in Space Center Houston parking lot and viewed underside of shuttle at close range.
3. Later on 3 June attended viewing of “Men In Black 3” at nearby Star Cinema Grill with fellow crew members. Flawed plot but excellent special effects including an Apollo launch from Cape Canaveral and an alien named Griffin who can visualize the future. One thumbs up.
4. On 5 June attended viewing party for the Transit of Venus at Sylvan Rodriguez park in the Clear Lake area of Houston. Thanks to Capt. McFadin, Nelson Thompson provided a telescope and I provided a welder’s lens as a sun filter.
5. On 9 June attended in-store appearance of John Scalzi at the Brazos Bookstore in support of his new sci-fi novel “Redshirts”. Mr. Scalzi talked in general about his current novel, his experiences as a movie critic, Hollywood insider and scriptwriter, and sci-fi novelist including his take on Star Wars versus Star Trek which inspired “Redshirts”. He and an assistant also performed a spoken word piece based on “Redshirts” which had the entire audience laughing. I have to note that the store was literally packed with people despite short notice, bad weather, extremely scarce parking, and road work involving fire hydrants between the store and the main road. I highly recommed Mr. Scalzi as a speaker or a panelist at any sci-fi convention.
6. On 10 June attended a viewing of the film “Prometheus” with fellow crew members and we dined together afterward. Extremely good special effects and good acting somewhat spoiled by plot gaffes and muddy plot twists. Viewers should wait for sequel in order to watch both on DVD to make sense of story.
7. On 12 June attended advanced screening of sci-fi romance “Safety Not Guaranteed” a small-budget indie film with a very interesting time-travel premise that also takes a look at how people are shaped by their past. Two thumbs up with a great money shot at the very end.
8. On 21, 22, and 23 June attended ApolloCon 2012 at Houston’s Doubletree Marriott along with multiple members of the crew. Events of note include the Sci-Fi Trivia Contest on Saturday hosted by the Zavala with crew member Alan Steinberg as master of ceremonies and others in attendance, excellent hard science presentations by NASA astronauts on SpaceX and Near Earth Objects, and on Sunday an exceptional presentation on “Steampunk Costuming on a Budget” by Drew Huyen with added up-close magic tricks. With assistance from Capt. McFadin (decorations) and Lcdr. Steinberg (music), I managed a recruiting party hosted by the Zavala and Starfleet and a con suite sponsored by SpaceCity Con (pizza and soda for 100) where the Zavala will be manning a table and many crew members will be attending or volunteering. We were able to spread the word of Nichelle Nichols aka Lt. Uhura’s appearance at SpaceCity Con. We also arranged and maintained a static display table during the length of
the con. Seen in the media room between features: the trailer for “Star Trek vs Star Wars”, a hilarious mash-up of clips from both film series. The audience (including me) demanded an encore showing.
9. On 26 June was installed as president of the Irish American Heritage Association (Katy & Houston) and announced a future presentation of “Heroes Project: IRISH” which will include pioneer aviator Douglas “Wrong Way” Corrigan and aviation entrepreneurs T. Claude Ryan, and Benjamin Franklin Mahoney.
10. On 30 June donated blood at the Gulf Coast Blood Center ahead of the 4th of July holiday when shortages often occur due to DWI-involved major accidents.
11. On 23 July attended viewing of the event “Star Trek: The Next Generation”, a preview of the first season of ST:TNG to be released on Blu-Ray DVD as part of ST:TNG’s 25th Anniversary. The preview included 2 remastered episodes with wrap-around featurettes. Myself and others showed up in uniform in order to recruit new members.
12. On 24 July made presentation to Irish American Heritage Association meeting on aviation pioneer Douglas “Wrong Way” Corrigan and aviation entrepreneurs T. Claude Ryan and B.F. Mahoney as part of an ongoing series called “Heroes Project: IRISH”. The research for the presentation was developed as part of a Star Trek fan fiction exercise. The first profile in the series was “James Doohan: From Juno Beach to the Stars”.

MCPT Triola has the following goals for the upcoming reporting period:

1. Obtain artwork for the heraldry of the 302 MSG. Take advantage of the webpage allocated to the 302nd MSG on the Zavala’s website.
2. Finish reading multiple novels and anthologies in order to have data to report for the SFMC Reading Challenge.
3. Assist in organizing USS Zavala participation at SpaceCityCon in August including an SFMC flag.
5. Add new science and sci-fi events to the Zavala’s Facebook page.
6. Begin preparations for Toys For Tots toy drive.
LCOL Barr has the following goals:
1. Working on Senior Chaplain MOS.
SFMC Reader Challenge Data:
Death of a Kingfisher by M.C. Beaton (245 pp), 2012 ISBN 978-0446547369.
Space Visitor by Mack Reynolds (149 pp), 1977 ASIN 044177783X.
Stars & Stripes Forever by Harry Harrison (346 pp), 1998 ISBN 0-345-40934-5.

Actions taken to rectify: