June 2012 Meeting Minutes

USS ZAVALA crew muster called to order at June 23, 1500 hours at ApolloCon 2012 just outside the Con Suite.

In attendance at ApolloCon 2012:
CAPT Penelope McFadin
MCPT Max Triola
LCDR Alan Steinberg
LCDR James Kent
LTJG Deborah Kent
ENS John Gilfillan
CRM Laura Gilfillan
LT Mark Hayes
CAPT Angela Hardy

Introductions, no new members or guests in attendance.

Adoption of the previous meeting minutes was tabled for next meeting.

Captain McFadin announced a list of awards to be given hard copies at a later date. Those include commodations for ENS John Gilfillan for always showing up in Uniform even when the rest of us wuss out, MCPT Max Triola for all the work he has done for organizing the Room Party this year. LCDR Alan Steinberg for stepping up to run the Trivia Contest, Deborah and James Kent for volunteering at Comicpalooza and ApolloCon and tirelessly running games.
Received verbal reports from all officers present.

Starfleet business
Discussed with everyone the importance of reporting all your activities, volunteering hours and donations. These things are expected to show in all reports.
Discussed the question of dues and donations. We are supporting a website and now a meetup site and many of these things cost money.

Region 3 business – non at the time.

USS Zavala business – discussed Space City Con

Old business – LTJG Deborah Kent discussed speaking with the Ark Angel about ideas for Cadets, she has been coming up with ideas for Cadet excursions.

New business – Discussed our ideas for holding our one year Commissioning Anniversary at the Monument Inn at the San Jacinto Battlefield. We want to get a picture of us all on the TEXAS if it is open.
Other ideas were thrown around about other locations. We may do recon to various restaurants to check for suitable venues.
We discussed briefly doing something for the USS Sinclair at IC13.
Next meeting will be held at Skirmish Games in Deer Park, TX on July 22, 2012 at 1400.
Meeting adjourned at 1630 to go to dinner at the Potato Patch before the party.