May 2012 MSR

REPORT FOR : May, 2012
DATE SUBMITTED : 06/01/2012
SUBMITTED BY : CAPT Penelope McFadin
LAST MEETING DATE : 05/23/2012


SCC: 69227 John Gilfillan  PROMOTED TO Ensign on 05/27/2012

Working on a few ship awards and commodations, will get them in the next report.


This month was pretty dominated by movies and going to Comicpalooza.  We also have ordered new T-shirts and badges and cards, fliers etc. for the occasion.  Lt Patrick Hankamer made some really nice resin badges, but had problems with the paint he was using not sticking.  I went ahead and bought them from him and I’ve had good success with gold leaf glue and metallic powder and sealer.
Comicpalooza was a great success for us.  I had gotten a table and invited the Spiritwolf to help out.  We had Robert Graham and one of his members, Arwen Willson helping out.  The Con perhaps itself was a little plagued with logistic problems on it’s own.  Seeing George Takei was great, though we had heard reports about people getting chased out of line for not wanting to buy an autograph for $40 a pop.
Oh yea, I was on a panel originally planed for “Airship” captains called the “Captains round table”. They couldn’t get enough Airship captains to attend. (Due to last year’s logistical problems they have some PR problems with the local Steampunk community apparently.)  They had a captain from the local 501st group and he was wondering why he was there.  It was fun, but we had to draft an audience practically at gunpoint.
MCPT Max Triola attended and we started with an audience of one.  lol
The Kents renewed today.  Yea!
LTJG Deborah Kent organized a few people to work on a charity event at the University of Houston for CASSA – Scholastic Steps 5K.  I think she and John Gilfillan and his daughter Heather and Bridget Kent went.
John is a new member, but has been working hard and has completed his OTS.  He’s working on the OCC.  It’s going to be tough for him though.
Rufus has been having heath problems lately so we haven’t seen much of him.
Max has been working hard on making sure all this happens.  He’s also still organizing all our movie nights.  He’s putting them up on the page now and it’s working out better for us.  The FB page has been very useful for us.
We have been asked to run a bit of programming at ApolloCon coming up in June.  Our next meeting will be held there.
As for this month’s meeting, we were planning it at the table on Sunday at Comicpalooza.  But we had so many people constantly coming up to the table, I decided to just promote John Gillifan to Ensign and do the meeting later at the 59 Diner after we left the con.  We discussed our ApolloCon plans for the most part.  It was a bit informal as meetings go.  We were all tired. lol.
We are planning to see the Space Shuttle Mockup Explorer Sunday morning, I’ll post details next report.  A couple of us went to see it at the Clear Creek Dock today.
More in next month’s report.


One thing very cool but strange, we keep getting new members show up on the roster that no one has yet met.  Not even through fb or whatever.  I only find them by logging on here and looking at the roster and discovering them.  Is there anyway I can get an email shot to me letting me know when someone’s joined the ship?
I want to mention, we seem to be making a bit of a splash here in local fandom.  We’ve been asked to run the trivia contest at ApolloCon and we will be having a party room there as well.   🙂

Other officer reports:

MCPT Max Triola
MJ Triola
Personal report follows:

1. During April and May created 7 Facebook events tied to the openings of science fiction movies including “The Avengers”, “Battleship”, “Men In Black 3”, “Prometheus”, “Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter”, “Spider-Man [Reboot]” and “The Dark Knight Rises” under the tag “Starfleet at the Movies”.
2. Completed viewing seasons 4.0 and 4.5 of the science-fiction series EUReKA on DVD. An interesting story arc involves travel back in time to the founding of the town.
3. On 5 May attended showing of “The Avengers” with shipmates and enjoyed dinner together afterward at Texas Roadhouse. Excellent film with superb special effects and suprisingly good characterization and plotting.
4. On 19 May attended showing of “Battleship” and rate it one thumbs up for Starfleet but two thumbs up for the SFMC. Poor initial opening scenes and weak characterization throughout made up for by superb special effects, flashes of humor, stretches of intelligent plot, and patriotic themes of courage, sacrifice, and duty to comrades. Major kudos for working the game Battleship into secondary climax of movie.
5. On 25, 26, and 27 May helped set up and man fan group table at Comicpalooza 2012 in Houston along with members of the USS SpiritWolf, handing out business cards and recruiting materials. Answered attendee questions about Starfleet and the Zavala and upcoming sci-fi conventions and events, and discussed Star Trek in general. Posed for photographs for and with other attendees. Attended panel event with George Takei. Attended showings of “We Are All Cylons” and “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog”. Attended “Four Captains” panel which included my own captain, the president of the local 501st Legion, and 2 heads of steampunk artist collectives. Met and talked with members of other ships, including the USS Firebird and the USS Bexar, who were manning dealer tables.

LTCR James Kent
Lt. Cmdr Kent 2nd Officer, Chief of Operations, Chief Medical Officer, Chief Science Officer U.S.S. Zavala.

Activities: Lt. Cmdr Kent has spent the last school year teaching religious education to the Jr. High class at Bay Area Unitarian Universalist Church. On May 5th He also helped build Balloon arches for the Sprint for Life at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston Texas. He also attended the On June 2 nd he will be building a Balloon arch for the Impact a Hero 5k race in Sugarland. On May 20 th he also assisted with passing out water at the first put on by the student organization Cassa at University of Houston Clear Lake. May 25th – 27th He attended Comicpalooza. He met George Takei, Kevin Sorbo, Christopher Judge, and Keith Baker. He ran games as a Steve Jackson Games MIB. He also attended the USS Zavala meeting held at the convention.

Personal Log: Take a triple major they said. Make sure you are always needed. Well that landed me in my current position. Granted I am the 2nd officer on the U.S.S. Zavala, however they did not tell me on accepting this assignment that I would also be the Department Head for three different departments. Chief of Operations is enough to keep anyone busy keeping all the systems not under Engineering’s control running at maximum efficiency. But then add in Chief Medical Officer and keeping our granted small crew healthy is another challenge. And finally Chief Science Officer means that I am also busy dealing with anything odd that we come across. However the crew itself actually is not bad to work with, even the Marines. If I was not spread quite so thin I might even consider joining them. They seem to have a lot of fun and work off their stress. The Captain seems to be understanding about the fact that I am spread so thin but so far no one has been assigned yet to relieve
any of these duties from me. The Bajoran Counselor is working to help the emotional and mental stability of the crew and seems to be good at her job. And the cadets are at least fairly well behaved.


56359  12/19/2012  CAPT         Penelope McFadin
56746  01/19/2013  CAPT         Angela Phillips
64644  07/24/2012  ENS          Ian Bowen
66905  04/19/2013  LCDR         Alan Steinberg
66907  04/19/2013  CRMN         Brandon Boucher
67587  12/21/2012  LT   Mark Hayes
67845  03/07/2013  MCPT         Max Triola
67849  03/08/2013  CMDR         RUFUS BARR
68638  03/08/2013       Jackie Kennon-Barr
68639  03/08/2013       Kaitlynn Barr
68640  03/08/2013       Amanda Barr
68646  10/15/2012       Marcelo Gallardo
68647  10/15/2012       Julia Gallardo
68648  10/15/2012       Ana Gallardo
68733  11/21/2012  LT   Patrick Hankamer
68786  12/19/2012       Cameron Kramr
68787  12/19/2012       Victoria Kramr
68788  12/19/2012       Nicholas  Kramr
68789  12/19/2012       Brandon Kramr
68892  01/24/2013       Sandra Koenig
69227  04/25/2013  ENS          John Gilfillan
69228  04/25/2013       Laura Gilfillan
69229  04/25/2013       Heaher Gilfillan
69251  05/02/2013       Alicea Bush
69252  05/02/2013       Johnathan Valentino
69295  05/12/2013       Jennifer Kaitell
69351  05/29/2013       Rebecca Palmer