November 2012 Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes for 11/25/2012
1) Call to order/Roll call
Penelope McFadin
John David Gilfillan
Max Triola
Mark Hayes
Heather Gilfilan
James Muench

2) Introductions of any new members, visitors, and/or VIPs
3) Vote of acceptance/rejection of previous meeting minutes
Minutes approved

4) Presentation of promotions and/or awards
5) Reports of Senior Officers
Max is working on organizing Toys for Tots.  He’s been invited to several marine corps birthday parties.  Did a presentation on the early marine corps.  Will be submitting that to the SFMC.
LCDR James Kent will be reporting on his Extra Life participation and will submit it to the Legendary times.
LCDR Alan Steinberg was unable to get us free passes to the upcoming Fatham event.  Members may go but our chapter is not officially participating.

6) Reports of Junior Officers
James Muench wants to donate his old SFI flag.
We have 12 pages of room in the newsletter.  Wants columns and submissions!  He will be publishing a financial report as well for the past two years.
John Gilifillan TRF away mission – will be submitting written report.

7) STARFLEET International business, news, or votes has renewed their discount.

8) Region 3 business, news, or votes
O’banion has stepped down as Zone leader and Awards coordinator.  This position has not been filled.
9) USS Zavala business, news, or votes
Dickens this weekend.  We need to caravan down.
New idea for making Movie/Dinner night a regular monthly thing.
No meeting in December, just party on the 15th.
10) Old business
James Muench as ship purser has been going through our financial records and is making sure we have everything properly recorded and will be publishing the results in the newsletter.  He also donated $25 to the club.  We now have a total of $30 in the ship’s kitty.
11) New business
Plan more USS Texas fundraising stuff.
Max Triola will be organizing more volunteering events for us.
Bylaws updates:

Clean out typoes.

Change chapter logo in the bylaws.

Take out Starfleet manual stuff since it’s already in the Star Fleet manual.

Put points on the google drive.

12) Announcement of next meeting January 27, 2013, location will be at James Muench’s apartment.  .
13) Adjournment for Pizza