September 2012 MSR


Had our 1 year anniversary party. Yea! We all had a great time out there on the Battleship Texas. Our RC Reed Bates and Lloyed Bates CO of the Ark Angel came out to visit us and we spent the whole day out there crawling on the ship. The crew also attended the Texian Navy day ceremonies and presentation on board the USS TEXAS. We all explored the ship all day, had lunch in the San Jacinto State Park and later after more exploring went for dinner at the Monument Inn. We all took loads of pictures many were posted in our website. Several of us have put in personal donations but didn’t report as to how much (sorry) to the Battleship Texas while we were there. I had donated $20 by their paypal button earlier in the weeks prior to the event. We had 11 tickets total at $6 for 10 adults and 1 at $3 for kids for $63.

Capt Angela Philips-Hardy went on an away mission with some members of the ArkAngel Station to a gaming event. Introduced her new holodeck simulation. (SteamCraft) It was well received.

LTCR Alan Steinberg is volunteering at the Fort Bend County Fair from Sept 26-Oct 4th. He reports he is expecting to put in 40-60 hours of volunteering time.

FCAPT James Muench Jr. has just transferred from the Da Vinci and joined the crew. He’s volunteering to work on the newsletter. I’ve put him on the the website as an editor as well. Ensign Rebecca Palmer is still on the staff for the newsletter but she’s been swamped with real life stuff to be too much involved so far. Hopefully that can change, she’s got a lot of talent.

A few of us after our meeting went and saw Judge Dredd. Lots of violence, was more like a live action video game than a movie. lol

We have also went to see Iron Sky, a crazy satire about the Nazis hiding out on the far side of the Moon just waiting to invade Earth at the right moment.

Myself, Angela Hardy and Max Triola attended a new Steampunk gathering in Houston. Angela set it up on FB. Was well attended. We hope to help out the community here in Houston.

Also a recap on Adm.Joshua Cross and his steampunk group Battleship Texas fundraiser. I chatted with him about it. He’s been busy with work, read that as out to sea. He will be coming ashore for a bit on the 19th. Hopefully we can get together with him and hash out some more details for event.


Meeting Minutes:
Meeting minutes for September 23, 2012 of the USS ZAVALA

1) Call to order/Roll call
James Muench
John Gilfillan
Max Triola
Mark Hayes
Penelope McFadin
*James Kent
*Rufus Barr
attended by telephone.
2) Introductions of any new members, visitors, and/or VIPs
James Muench announced he was transferring to the ship. Yea!
3) Vote of acceptance/rejection of previous meeting minutes
All Ayes
4) Presentation of promotions and/or awards
Call to recommend members for awards
5) Reports of Senior Officers
LTCR James Kent not attending (called in later)
LTCR Alan Steinberg not attending
Maj Max Triola – reports on Marine capabilities for the RP. The need for establishing mecha for the ship as well as filling in the details of our ship armaments list.
6) Reports of Junior Officers
Ensign John Gilfillan reported on the success of the Anniversary Dinner and Battleship Texas trip.
7) STARFLEET International business, news, or votes
James Muench mentioned that IC registration has a deadline coming up and that he may be going. Capt. McFadin has already registered and has a hotel reservation.
8) Region 3 business, news, or votes
The ship is getting involved with the 3rd brigade ‘s RP game.
9) USS Zavala business, news, or votes
We are planning on attending the following events and these will be put in the newsletter.
Austin Comic Con 10/26 – 10/28
Dickens on the Strand 12/1 – 12/2
TRF Oct – Nov

10) Old business
11) New business
Appointed Fleet Capt James Muench official Ship Purser
New charity ideas from Max Triola – Alamo Road show Battleship Texas event
Toys for Tots
Food Bank
ApolloCon room party
Astronomy Day?
Newsletter deadline Dec 15, publication date Jan 1.
12) Announcement of next meeting 10/21/2012
13) Adjournment

See comments.


Other officer reports-
Ensign John Gilfillan is working on his OCC this month.  He’s reporting also he’s working on getting group tickets for TRF this year. I’ve suggested we go Oct 20th, Pirate weekend. It’s also unofficially Steampunk invasion weekend. lol We will see how that goes.

Maj Triola’s MSG report

From: Triola, Max MAJ
To: McFadin, Penelope CAPT

My activities for the month of September 2012 excerpted from the 2012 August / 2012 September SFMC Status Report:

7. On 1 September attended Aloha TexFest at Cap Landholt Pavilion in Clear Lake City in order to advocate it as a “Fleet Week” event for the Zavala crew to kick off next year’s run-up to our commissioning anniversary. Thoroughly enjoyed a traditional Hawaiian lau lau plate and performances by various schools of Polynesian dance from across Texas accompanied by polished Polynesian musical groups. A very low admission price, reasonably priced foods in great variety, excellent entertainment, and very interesting people watching. Missed this year’s fire dance performance but am strongly considering suggesting that Region 3 Klingons add it to their competitions along with the haka, the traditional Maori war dance.

8. On 7 September attended midnight showing of “Iron Sky”, a sci-fi dramedy which I predict will become a cult classic. Basically, a corps of Nazis escape to the Moon at the end of WWII and create a society bent on conquering the entire Earth. When two astronauts from Earth land on the Moon near the Nazi colony, they become the catalyst for the Nazi’s plans to unfold, including an incredible invasion of Earth by Nazi space zeppelins. Humor so black it’s ultraviolet and CGI effects so good and graphic designs that put Lucas and Abrams to shame. A Finnish production with a “European sensibility”, ie. it takes cheap shots at American culture and politics including a Sarah Palin clone as the US President. Still two thumbs up, and highly recommended if only for the invasion scene. Scenes of brief but intense violence and adult themes.

9. On 11 September attended showing of the children’s supernatural comedy “ParaNorman”, a stop-motion animated film. The main character, Norman, sees and talks to the various ghosts of the dead residents of his small town and struggles against bullies and his family who pick on him because of it. An excellent film that speaks to the issue of bullying and the value of being different, but it is definitely not suitable for children under reading age due to scenes of fantasy horror and children in jeopardy, and some adult themes. A superb movie for Halloween, I give it two thumbs up.

10. On 15 September attended USS Zavala’s 1st Anniversary of Commissioning activities at the Battleship Texas state park. Took a self-guided tour of the entirety of the battleship from bow to stern and from wheelhouse to engine room including “Marine Territory” and the forward Officers’ Quarters. Had the opportunity to sit in and crank to aim still-working gun emplacements on the Texas’ deck. Attended the all-hands dinner later that night at the Monument Inn down the road from the park in full Starfleet uniform. The dining area included a full-length view of the Houston Ship Channel and a continous stream of merchant vessels passing by. Presented the crew with the new Starfleet Marine flag to be flown at future appearances by the Zavala.

11. On 23 September attended monthly crew muster brought a large sample of Tribble nuggets for taste-testing by fellow crew members, but was the only taker. Announced overall plans and schedule for 2012 Toys for Tots campaign and campaign for the Houston Food Bank. Afterward attended viewing of “Dredd” with crewmates. “Dredd” is the story of a “judge”, a law enforcer who is also judge, jury, and executioner as well in a far future where the survivors a worldwide war are crammed into urban arcologies in a single metroplex called “MegaCity One” occupying northeaster seaboard of the USA. The story follows Dredd’s first day with a new female partner with psychic abilities that begins with a drug-related triple homicide and turns into a fight for survival when they are trapped inside an arcology run by a large and vicious drug gang. “Dredd” contains extended scenes of brutal and gruesome violence, torture, drug use, brief nudity, and very adult themes and situations. Excellent plot and characterization with superb special effects. One thumbs up and definitely for adults only, not for teenagers due to the sustained amount of violence. The film is a joint UK / South African production and is not a remake of “Judge Dredd” starring Sylvester Stallone. I would recommend viewing only on a large digital screen.

12. On 26 September attended a viewing of the Space Shuttle Endeavour at Houston’s Ellington Field along with CAPT McFadin. STS Endeavour was being ferried from Florida to Los Angeles, California atop a specially-modified jumbo jet.

13. On 28 September attended Steampunk Gathering in support of crewmate Angela Hardy and CAPT McFadin plus respected panelist Drew Heyser. Attempted to recruit attendees with costuming talents for local source of Trek-related uniform items and Highland formal wear for local Celtic and RenFaire events. Networked with attendees with interests in Star Trek and the local sci-fi conventions as well as Steampunk.

14. During September assisted CAPT McFadin with SFMC information to enable her to successfully take part in the current 3Bde role-playing exercise.

15. During September completed reading the memoir “Icebound” by the late Dr Jerri Nielsen recounting her time as sole physician during a “winterover” at the South Pole including her fight against breast cancer which she discovered and attempted to treat herself and the efforts by others to evacuate her in time to save her life. Dr Nielsen paints a compelling picture of life in an isolated science station not situated in an incredibly hostile environment. I highly recommend it as an in-depth description of life in the self-contained equivalent of a space station.

The full SFMC status report will be posted to the SFI database on 2 October.

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