February 2013 Meeting Minutes

Minutes for February 24, 2013

1) Call to order/Roll call:
Penelope McFadin
James Muench
James Kent
John Gilfillan
Heather Gilfillan
Mark Hayes
Deborah Kent
Max Triola

2) Introductions of any new members, visitors, and/or VIPs
None at this time in attendance

3) Vote of acceptance/rejection of previous meeting minutes
Meeting minutes approved

4) Presentation of promotions and/or awards
None at this time.

5) Reports of Senior Officers
Reports were received from Comm, Ops, Science/Med, Security/MSG 302

6) Reports of Junior Officers
Report was received from Ship Counselor about cadet activities.

7) STARFLEET International business, news, or votes

8) Region 3 business, news, or votes
No formal Artemis room at IC. ūüôĀ ¬†However, we probably can have one in our own room if we bring the eq and our own router. ¬†NAVRAS is working on the game day stuff.

9) USS Zavala business, news, or votes
LARP didn’t happen, however, we did hang out in that room and have a great lunch with all the NPC’s.  James is a great cook.  Owlcon has told us they want to move our slot to Friday night.  I think it will help us a lot to not have our LARPers eaten by Cthulhu again.  That and 10am is just too early to advertize a LARP on a Sunday morning.  We’ve had the suggestion we let people know we have food that this would help advertizing.

10) Old business
Ops –
Planning for Star Trek lotto ticket launch in Dallas.
They are trying to break a record for most people in uniform.
March 30th, 2013.  Wanting to take 8 people in his van.
Mothers day drive at Houston Area Women’s Center in the works
USS TEXAS drive in the near future – any progress with these?

Planning to talk to RC about parameters for Summit 2014 bid not yet heard word from RC.  Zone 3 leader is trying to contact the other zone ships to get their participation.  Much discussion about hotels available.

11) New business
Ask for ideas.  Captain wants a game day.
Battleship Texas РOps, Interfaith Caring Ministries РScience/Med, Houston Women’s Center РSecurity
More Artemis exercises being planned.  Games with the USS New Orleans planned soon.  New Orleans is having an exercise on Sunday 3/3/13, they want to do another in April.  We are setting up a server at Mark Hayes house.

Comicpalooza:  Several of us are planning to volunteer.  We will have a table.  We’ve put in for a couple of panels but no reply back from the con on those.

IC will be in August, planning to attend are:
Penelope McFadin
Rufus Barr
James Kent
Deborah Kent
James Muench
John Gilfillan
Laura Gilfillan
Heather Gilfillan
Max Triola
Marion Carpenter

Space City Con (same weekend as IC):
Mark Hayes

12) Announcement of next meeting
We are currently set up for Coffee Oasis next month March 24, 2013 at 2pm.

13) Adjournment